NIX Solutions: Android 14 Introduces Dynamic Protection for Devices Against External App Installations

Android 14 will bring a new dynamic to protect devices from apps installed from external stores. The new feature will protect your mobile phone not only from possible malware, but also from incorrect operation of applications due to the lack of an appropriate update.

Installing apps from Google Play is as easy as finding what we need and clicking “Install”. However, there are many other app stores that users often use to install or update available apps on their mobile phones.

NIX Solutions

This may result in the installation of malware on the mobile phone, the use of versions of applications that are not compatible with our mobile phone, or the lack of appropriate updates. To prevent users from having these problems, Android 14 will include this new option.

In this case, dynamic “updating properties” will work. For example, if you want to update any Google app using an APK from a third party store, Android will show you a warning that this app is usually updated using the Google Play Store.

Thus, the user must confirm that he wants to update the application using a third-party store. While this does not prevent the user from installing the APK and continuing the dynamic, the user will be aware of the situation and the process can only continue if they confirm their consent.

At the moment, it looks like this dynamic is only being tested with Google Play Services, but it can be extended to all Google apps, notes NIX Solutions. And this is just one of the many measures the Android team is taking to protect users from installations from third-party app stores.

Depending on the process used by the user, a warning will be given to account for the potential hazards that such an installation could cause.