NIX Solutions: Android 14 To Introduce Software Pairs to Improve Multitasking

If you often work with several applications at the same time on your smartphone, you will have a new reason to be excited. Android 14 introduces an innovative concept of software pairs designed to improve multitasking. Now you can save app combinations and easily access them.

NIX Solutions

Quick access to multiple applications

By activating software pairs, you can quickly launch multiple applications at the same time using just one shortcut. The new feature is available in the Recent Items Browse menu and can be discovered via the split screen context menu.

Advantages over the competition

While the app pairing feature was introduced in Android 12, it didn’t take off and remained in its original form, notes NIX Solutions. While other companies offered better split-screen options, Samsung’s multi-window mode outperformed Google’s. This shows that Google sometimes lags behind competitors, especially in the area of features that are useful for devices with large screens, such as tablets and flexible phones.