NIX Solutions: Android 15 and the Potential for NFC Wireless Charging Integration

Wireless charging has seen widespread adoption due to its convenience over wired alternatives. With features like fast charging and reverse wireless charging gaining popularity, the technology continues to evolve. However, integrating this technology into smaller devices like wearables and trackers presents challenges.

NIX Solutions

Android 15 Beta Unveils NFCCharging Possibilities

In 2020, the NFC Forum proposed a solution: NFC wireless charging (WLC) chips, replacing bulky charging coils. Despite this, major platforms like Android have been slow to fully embrace the technology. Mishaal Rahman’s discovery of NFCCharging in the Android 15 Beta 1 code hints at potential NFC wireless charging support. This functionality would enable phones to wirelessly charge devices like trackers and styluses using NFC technology, typically associated with contactless payments.

Challenges and Opportunities

However, the charging speed would be limited to 1W, considerably slower than even the most basic Qi chargers. While 1W charging may seem modest, it could efficiently power tag trackers or wireless headphones. Leveraging the widespread adoption of NFC in smartphones, manufacturers could easily implement this reverse charging feature.

Looking Ahead: Implications for the Future

Rahman highlights Google’s previous attempts to integrate WLC support, initiated in late 2021 but subsequently halted. If Android 15 succeeds in achieving broad support for NFC wireless charging, it could catalyze widespread adoption of the standard. This would be particularly impactful for small wearables that often struggle with battery life, notes NIX Solutions.

As developments unfold, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of NFC wireless charging integration in Android 15 and its potential implications for the future of device charging.