NIX Solutions: Android 15 to Allow Apps to Control Your Bedtime Routine

Using your phone before bedtime can disrupt your sleep quality. The Google Digital Wellbeing app introduces a special sleep mode to mitigate this issue. In the upcoming Android 15 update, third-party apps will gain the ability to adjust wake-up settings, expanding customization options for bedtime routines.

NIX Solutions

Customizing Bedtime Mode

Within the Digital Wellbeing settings, users can adjust the timing of sleep mode, opting for a fixed schedule or activation after charging. By setting the activation time, users can tailor the mode’s behavior, including activating Do Not Disturb mode to prioritize essential calls and alarms. Various screen settings such as grayscale, dark mode, and dimming wallpapers can also be adjusted to further aid sleep.

Expanding Control with Android 15

Android 15 introduces the ZenDeviceEffects API, enabling third-party apps to control screen settings during Do Not Disturb schedules. This update allows developers to create more personalized bedtime routines, such as changing screen settings based on triggers like NFC tag scans. With these advancements, users can expect greater flexibility and customization options for optimizing their sleep environment.

Future Possibilities

With Android 15’s public API, developers can explore innovative uses beyond bedtime routines, concludes NIX Solutions. The potential for integrating screen setting adjustments into various contexts offers opportunities for enhancing user experience across different scenarios. As Android evolves, we’ll keep you updated on new developments and possibilities for improving digital wellbeing and user customization.