NIXSolutions: Android 15 Update Introduces “Make All Apps Dark” Feature

In the realm of app preferences, dark mode reigns supreme. Google’s inclusion of system-wide dark mode support in Android 10 marked a pivotal moment, with most leading apps now offering a dark theme synchronized with system settings. However, a notable gap persists: some apps lack a native dark mode option. Enter the forthcoming Android 15 update, poised to bridge this divide by empowering users to darken apps lacking built-in support.


A Stealthy Inclusion: Uncovering the “Make All Apps Dark” Toggle

January’s release of the Android 14 QPR2 Beta 2 update discreetly introduced a transformative tool: the “Make all apps dark” toggle, cleverly concealed within Settings > Accessibility > Color & Motion. Initially obscured from view, this toggle diverged from the existing “Force-Dark” counterpart residing within Developer Options since Android 10. Subsequent testing unveiled its broader application scope compared to “Force-Dark,” hinting at algorithmic alterations.

Understanding the Developer Dynamics

Google’s developer documentation sheds light on the existing “Force-Dark” feature, offering developers a streamlined approach to implementing dark themes sans explicit Day/Night theme settings. However, the efficacy of this method may vary, potentially affecting dark mode functionality.

Navigating User Options

While some apps abstain from the “force subsequent inclusion” function, relegating users to resort to color inversion, this workaround often distorts images and icons. Enter the “Make all apps dark” toggle, strategically positioned within accessibility settings, preserving image integrity while fulfilling user preferences.

Anticipating Future Rollouts

Although absent from the latest Android 15 beta iteration, the “Make all apps dark” feature is poised for integration in forthcoming releases, possibly debuting in Android 15 Beta 2 during Google I/O 2024. Given its operational readiness since January, users can expect its activation upon Google’s signal, notes NIXSolutions.

As developments unfold regarding the Android 15 update and its innovative features, rest assured, we’ll provide timely updates. Stay tuned for the latest insights into Android software evolution.