NIXsolutions: Android is Expected to Dominate iOS in 2024

Director of the analytical company IDC, Nabila Popal, discussed the projected distribution rates of iOS and Android for the year 2024 in an interview with CNN. Here’s what you need to know:


Apple Faces Challenges:

Popal highlighted that Apple may face challenges in 2024, with its main competitor, Android, expected to gain significant ground in terms of distribution.

Android’s Rapid Growth:

According to IDC, Android is poised to grow twice as fast as iOS this year, signaling a shift in market dynamics.

Market Insights:

In the first quarter of 2024, global smartphone shipments experienced a 7.8% year-on-year increase, reaching approximately 289 million units. This growth suggests a revival of the smartphone market after facing macroeconomic challenges in recent years.

Key Players:

Samsung emerged as the market leader, capturing about 20.8% of the market share with 60.1 million devices shipped. Apple followed closely behind with a 17.3% market share, representing 50.1 million gadgets. Xiaomi secured a 14.1% market share, shipping 40.8 million units.

Android Dominance:

While Apple remains a significant player, Android has maintained its dominance in the mobile market for some time, adds NIXsolutions. According to the Statcounter portal, Android holds a commanding 70.79% share, compared to iOS’s 28.46%.

As the smartphone landscape evolves, these insights provide valuable foresight for industry stakeholders. Stay tuned for further updates on this dynamic market landscape.