NIX Solutions: Preview Version of Android 12 Released

Google has announced the release of the first preview version of Android 12. Developer Preview 1 is already available for download for Pixel smartphones, the beta version is scheduled for May, and the final version for August, notes AppTracktor.

NIX Solutions

Among the updates of the new version:

  • SameSite cookie in WebView was added to improve the security of WebView, added a new type of cookie, previously it was only in Chrome.
  • Limited Netlink MAC is another security feature that prevents applications from using a real mac address. Now this innovation will work in all applications, regardless of targetSDK.
  • Safe component export protects against accidental export of application components. Now you need to configure the components in the manifest if you want to make them visible to other applications. It’s worth checking the android:exported flag.
  • Changes to PendingIntents. FLAGMUTABLE or FLAGIMMUTABLE flags were added, which is required for every PendingIntents. NIX Solutions warns to be careful when using them.
  • Blocking suspicious clicks. This applies to applications that use the SYSTEMALERTWINDOW or FLAGNOTTOUCHABLE flags. It’s worth checking out your application if you use these flags for some reason.
  • Improved video encoding. HEVC will now be the main codec that promises better quality than the rest of the formats.
  • Support for images in AVIF format. Promises better quality than JPEG at the same file sizes.
    JPEG (20.7kB) AVIF (18.2kB)
  • Foreground service optimizations. Now they will block foreground services that start from background if targetSDK is written for Android 12. It has long been recommended to use WorkManager for such tasks. We also increased the time for displaying alerts for services to 10 seconds, so as not to disturb the user in vain. One of the most important updates for us.
  • New interface for adding content. In addition to pasting text, the user can add, drag and drop content of interest from another application using drag-and-drop.
  • Sound effect with tactile communication. Apps can now use vibro more, giving fibdeck to sounding audio.
  • Changed the type of notifications. Now notifications can not occupy the entire area, as this could confuse users. All notifications will have the same style. In addition, now you can switch from applications only to Activity, you cannot use “trampolines” (as Google called them) in the form of broadcast or service.