NIXSolutions: In Android 13, Wallpapers Will Be Less Blinding At Night

The next version of Android will improve the usability of the smartphone in a dark room. Phones with Android 13 will dim the wallpaper all together. This feature will be part of the night mode in Android digital wellbeing settings.


A new feature reduces the brightness of your wallpaper to make it easier for your eyes to see the screen. This feature will be optional and will not be a mandatory element of hibernation, says TechToday. It’s not clear exactly how dark the wallpaper will be, but there are 25%, 50%, and 100% options in the code for this option. Perhaps the smartphone will allow you to choose a certain level of dimming according to the schedule.

A dimming level of 100% is a black screen, but 50% seems like a good combination for still seeing the wallpaper and making it easier to see at night. It is not clear if the function will cycle, dimming to the selected level, or just activate at a certain time. For example, you can choose to dim the background by 75%, but it takes about an hour to reduce to that level.

NIXSolutions notes that unlike the grayscale “Bedtime Mode” function, the dimming function allows you to see the color of the background image without blinding you in the middle of the night.

In recent years, the digital wellbeing features of Google Digital Wellbeing have expanded. There are now options to activate Do Not Disturb on a schedule or turn off the phone’s always-on display during specific hours.