NIX Solutions: Unofficial Android Clubhouse Version Released

The creator and former developer of VKontakte for Android, Grigory Klyushnikov, published an open-source Android version of Clubhouse on GitHub.

Users just need to download and install the APK file of the application in the Releases section (current version 1.0.2). And developers can import the project into Android Studio and click run, states VC.

NIX Solutions

All basic functions work in the application. For example, you can join rooms, chat, raise your hand, view and subscribe to people’s profiles. According to Klyushnikov, registration “should work”, but it is more reliable to register from an iOS application, and on Android to log in to the created account.

There are no notifications, as well as the function of creating and moderating rooms.

The developer does not guarantee that Clubhouse will not ban users of a non-standard application.

The Android project was developed in a day and a half, most of the work is the interface and logic around the Agora SDK – the voice infrastructure that Clubhouse uses. It uses API Clubhouse, obtained by reverse engineering to create another unofficial Clubhouse project – clubhouse-py, written in Python.

Note that in mid-February, the number of Clubhouse installations worldwide exceeded 8 million.At the beginning of February, there were 3.5 million users, notes NIX Solutions.