NIXSolutions: Brave Browser Introduces Leo AI Assistant

Brave Software, the developer behind the popular Brave browser, has recently unveiled Leo, an innovative AI assistant embedded in web browser version 1.63 for Android. This cutting-edge tool enhances user experience by seamlessly performing a multitude of tasks, ranging from note-taking on web pages and videos to answering questions, translations, programming, transcribing speech, and even generating text.

NIX Solutions

Privacy Assurance

The integration of AI tools into mobile devices has transformed user interactions with information, offering unparalleled convenience and efficiency. However, this advancement has triggered concerns about user data privacy. In response, Brave emphasizes that Leo distinguishes itself from competitors by implementing stringent security measures.

Leo’s unique features include not requiring a Brave account login for the free version, mitigating the risk of profiling and identity exposure. Conversations with the assistant remain unrecorded, avoiding any use for training AI models. User requests undergo anonymization through a dedicated server, separating identifiers and requests. Leo’s replies are promptly deleted from Brave servers, with AI-generated responses from Anthropic’s models removed after 30 days. Importantly, IP addresses and other user identifiers are neither collected nor stored.

Superior Answer Quality

Brave asserts Leo’s superiority through its utilization of multiple large AI language models (LLMs) like Mixtral 8x7B, Claude Instant, and Llama 2 13B. Mixtral, installed by default for its multilingual capabilities and high performance, enables Leo to provide high-quality and relevant answers with minimal errors.

Free and Premium Versions

Leo is available in two versions: free and premium, priced at $15 per month. The premium subscription allows users to access the assistant on five devices, offering increased usage limits. Premium subscribers also receive anonymous tokens confirming account status, detached from payment data, adds NIXSolutions.

The introduction of Leo into the Brave browser for Android is a staged process, meaning that the assistant may not be immediately accessible after updating. However, the company ensures that it will be available to all Android users within a few days. The launch on iOS is anticipated in the coming weeks, promising Apple users the same capabilities and privacy standards.