NIXSolutions: Gboard 13.6 Update Enhances External Keyboard Compatibility

Google has recently rolled out a significant update for its proprietary keyboard, Gboard, aimed at improving compatibility with external accessories. Phone Arena covers the details of this noteworthy development in their recent report.


Enhanced Control Panel for Seamless Typing

The key highlight of the Gboard 13.6 update is the introduction of a small, user-friendly control panel designed to facilitate more convenient typing. Specifically tailored for users connecting wired or Bluetooth keyboards to their devices, the virtual keyboard seamlessly disappears from the screen. In its place, a pop-up panel emerges, featuring quick-access buttons for emojis and other essential tools.

Persistent Input Prompts and Customizable Placement

Another noteworthy enhancement is the retention of a bar with input prompts on the screen. Unlike before, where this feature was exclusive to virtual keyboards, it now remains accessible even with external accessories connected. Users have the flexibility to drag the panel to any location on the screen, with the default placement at the bottom for added convenience.

Gradual Rollout: Initial Availability on Android Tablets

While the innovation has initially been made available on tablets running Android, the update is expected to extend its compatibility to smartphones in the near future, notes NIXSolutions. Google is implementing a phased rollout, meaning that some users may experience a slight delay before gaining access to these new features.

In conclusion, the Gboard 13.6 update presents a significant step towards optimizing the typing experience for users leveraging external keyboards. Stay tuned as this enhanced functionality gradually extends to smartphones, ensuring a more seamless and versatile typing experience for a broader user base.