NIX Solutions: Google Camera 9.0 Update Overview

Google has rolled out a significant update for its proprietary camera application, introducing a more organized and user-friendly interface.

Button Redesign

One of the standout changes is the reconfiguration of the interface’s bottom buttons. The switch between photo and video modes, previously a central feature, now sits prominently at the bottom. To the left, you’ll find quick access to settings, which can also be reached by swiping up. The “Galleries” button has shifted to the left, while the toggle for switching between rear and front cameras now resides on the right. Notably, the upper part of the interface remains uncluttered, offering a clean user experience.

NIX Solutions

Enhanced Shooting Modes

The update brings notable modifications to shooting modes. The Motion tab now encompasses Long Exposure and Motion Panorama, expanding creative possibilities. Furthermore, the once-called “Cinematic Panning” has been simplified to “Panorama.” Even the application icon itself has undergone a subtle design tweak, notes NIX Solutions.

Android 14 Compatibility

The updated Google Camera 9.0 application is exclusively compatible with Android 14. Beta OS users can already enjoy this update, bypassing the wait for the official release.

Explore the refined Google Camera 9.0 update, designed to enhance your photography experience on Android devices.