NIXSolutions: Google Play to Add Fingerprint Security for APK Installs

The authors of the Android Authority portal discovered a new security feature in the code of the test build of the Google Play client, which may soon appear on Android smartphones. This feature aims to protect users from installing malicious applications when transferring their phone to another person.


Enhanced Protection Against Malicious Apps

When you try to install an APK file on Android, the system typically offers to scan it for safety, ensuring protection for the user and the smartphone. However, there are instances where this check can be bypassed by selecting the “Install anyway” option. This loophole allows an attacker who gains access to an unlocked smartphone to install malicious applications without the owner’s knowledge.

The new function found in the test build of Google Play addresses this issue effectively. If you opt out of the mobile software check, the smartphone will require a fingerprint scan or a PIN code to unlock the device, ensuring that only the owner can proceed with the installation. This step enhances security by confirming that the application is being installed by the rightful owner.

Future Availability and Updates

Currently, there is no information on when this feature will be generally available to all users, notes NIXSolutions. We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding its rollout. This added layer of security is expected to significantly enhance the protection of Android devices against unauthorized application installations.