NIXSolutions: Google Play’s New Update Prompt Tool

Over the years, Google Play has been a valuable platform for users to access the latest app versions through auto-updates or in-app updates. While a majority adopts these seamless processes, some users may still be using outdated or unsupported versions of apps, hampering their overall experience.

NIX Solutions

Yesterday, Google unveiled a powerful automated tool designed to prompt users with outdated app versions to upgrade, aligning their experience with the desired functionality.

Utilizing Play’s Recovery Tools

Google’s Play Console provides a simple method to leverage this new feature. By navigating to the Releases section or App Bundle Explorer page, you can select specific app versions to target with update prompts. This feature is accessible through the Play Developer API and will soon support targeting multiple app versions simultaneously. Note that the version targeted must be compiled as an application package.

Narrowing down targeting criteria is easy, whether by country or Android version, with no pre-integration requirements. Currently, over 50% of users respond positively to these prompts, ensuring a broader user base benefits from the latest app features, notes NIXSolutions.

Once users are prompted to update, Play Console’s recovery tools offer functionalities to edit the update configuration, monitor progress, or cancel the update if necessary. For detailed information about this feature, refer to the provided link.