NIXsolutions: Google to Add Improved Desktop Mode to Android 15

Google introduced desktop mode support in Android 10 back in 2019, primarily targeting developers for multi-screen testing. However, recent developments suggest a significant expansion of this feature, paving the way for a full-fledged desktop experience on Android.

Enhanced Desktop Functionality in Android 14:

Recent reports indicate that Google developers are making strides in implementing multi-window desktop mode support in Android. Discoveries in the latest test builds of Android 14 QPR3 2.1 unveil intriguing features such as a new title bar with a customizable menu for full-screen applications. This menu offers options to toggle full-screen mode, switch to split-screen mode, or enable random window placement.

Customizable Workspace Features:

The inclusion of a “snap to edge” feature allows effortless positioning of application windows along the desktop’s edges. Users can freely drag and resize windows within the workspace, seamlessly transitioning between full-screen and custom modes. However, the absence of window positioning and keyboard shortcuts for window management remains notable limitations, adds NIXsolutions.

Future Outlook and Potential Updates:

It’s anticipated that these desktop mode enhancements will likely debut in Android 15, expected to launch in the latter half of the year. Speculation suggests that Google may unveil these improvements alongside the release of Pixel 9 smartphones, projected for fall. As developments progress, we’ll keep you updated on any further advancements or announcements from Google.

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