NIXSolutions: Google Play Store To Change A Lot

The 9to5Google site showed how the Google Play app store on Android smartphones will change in the near future. The changes were found in the Play Store APK file and have not yet been activated.


The Play Store interface is made in accordance with the Material design language and supports dynamic color change (for example, in the search bar). App and game developers will be able to tailor their product pages to their own skins based on the accent colors used in the app, says iGuides.

The search bar is now rounded on the sides, so the round user avatar fits into it more harmoniously. The lower bar with the tab buttons has become significantly higher, and the icons on it change color in accordance with the color scheme selected in the system. An option has appeared in the settings that allows you to send reviews to Google about the work of the Play Store. Checkboxes have appeared in the application management section, allowing you to select several applications that you want to update or remove (or all at once).

NIXSolutions notes that most likely, Google will activate these changes after the release of Android 12, which is scheduled for release in the fall. It is possible that some design elements will be available only to smartphones with the new version of Android.