NIX Solutions: Google’s Expansion in Real Money Gaming on Play Store

Google has unveiled its plan to increase the presence of real money games (RMG) on the Play Store, aligning with local regulations to diversify the gaming experience. The extended support program for real-money gaming is set to kick off in India, Brazil, and Mexico in June, with a global rollout anticipated.

NIX Solutions

New Payment Model and Policy Update

Google is contemplating a fresh payment model for subscriptions and in-app purchases within these applications. While details on developer charges remain undisclosed, Karan Gambhir, Google’s Director of Global Trust and Partnership Security, emphasized the shift’s intention to reflect the value of Google Play and bolster the Android and Play ecosystems.

Evolution of Google’s Approach

Historically, Google restricted the publication of specific gaming apps adhering to local regulations. However, this policy adjustment signifies a shift toward allowing more legal, albeit unregulated, real money gaming apps on the platform. This change follows Google’s 2021 initiative to introduce real money gaming apps, starting with a pilot project in India for fantasy sports and card games.

Pilot Project Insights and Future Developments

The pilot projects, initiated in India and later in Mexico, set guidelines for age verification and identification, notes NIX Solutions. As of the recent announcement, the pilot applications will receive an extension until June 30th, providing developers additional time to adhere to the evolving criteria. Google plans to release comprehensive details on the forthcoming changes in the coming months, emphasizing factors such as age and geography restrictions.