NIXsolutions: Microsoft’s Windows 11 Scissors App Update

Microsoft is rolling out a significant update for the Scissors application in Windows 11, introducing new capabilities and enhanced functionality. Here, we delve into the key features of this update:


Text Recognition in Images

The revamped Scissors app now boasts the ability to recognize and copy text from images, streamlining your workflow. This exciting feature is currently available for Windows Insiders to test on the Dev and Canary channels.

To utilize this functionality, users must navigate to the “Text Actions” option conveniently located on the toolbar. Once selected, the application will promptly identify the text within the edited image. Users can then easily copy the recognized text using the context menu. Alternatively, a dedicated button on the toolbar or the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+A and Ctrl+C can be used for copying.

Enhanced Privacy with Text Actions Tool

The Text Actions tool within the Scissors app offers additional benefits by empowering users to safeguard sensitive data within screenshots. By choosing the “Quick Mask” option, the application automatically conceals email addresses and phone numbers present in the edited image. Furthermore, users can select specific portions of text and opt for the “Hide Text” feature from the menu to render it unreadable.

Seamless Photo Editing with Phone Connection

In a separate development, the “Phone Connection” application now enables seamless photo editing from your Android smartphone directly on your computer. When a synced smartphone user captures a photo, a notification promptly appears on the computer, inviting users to edit the image.

With these exciting updates, Microsoft continues to enhance the functionality of Windows 11’s Scissors app, making it a versatile tool for text recognition, privacy protection, and collaborative photo editing, concludes NIXsolutions. Windows Insiders can explore these features on the Dev and Canary channels, ensuring an optimized user experience.