NIX Solutions reports: Adobe released camera application with Photoshop on Android

Over the past couple of years, the approach to mobile photography has changed a lot. If earlier we strove to achieve maximum naturalness, now external beauty has replaced it. We didn’t care whether the smartphone’s camera really sees so well in the dark or just brightens the frame and draws in poorly visible details. In the end, who cares if the artificial intelligence, which underlies the software of almost all modern devices, does its job well? Therefore, it is not surprising that users wanted to get a camera with Photoshop, which Adobe gladly provided them.

Adobe has officially released the release version of Photoshop Camera for Android, says AndroidInsider. This is a camera application with support for artificial intelligence and neural networks, in which some tools of ordinary Photoshop and Lightroom are built in. Thanks to them, the user can try on the special effects they like in real time and take photos with them. Thus, you can save time and not deal with the processing of images after the fact, and embellish it immediately by selecting the desired filter. NIX Solutions‘ team notes, that the app is already available on Play Market.