NIX Solutions’ News: COVID-19 Slows Down Launch Of New Android Search Selection Screen In EU

On March 1st, Google launched a new screen to select the default search engine, which will be displayed on Android devices in the EU. However, this change has not yet had the expected impact on the search market, states Searchengines. Experts believe the cause is the COVID-19 epidemic.

“Starting March 1st, manufacturers can submit assemblies to Google for approval. After obtaining approval, manufacturers need to conduct their device through their supply chain (certification, distribution, etc.). Therefore, it may take several weeks before consumers see this innovation,” noted a Google spokesman in a comment to Search Engine Land.

Although the normal process for launching new devices on sale is quite demanding, it is currently being further lengthened by the coronavirus epidemic, states NIX Solutions.

“COVID-19 has influenced the supply chain of mobile phones and retail sales, so there isn’t any significant advancement on the Android selection screen,” said a spokesman for, which will also appear on a new screen.

It is assumed that the launch of a new window may change the alignment of forces in the mobile search market in the EU, but it is not known when this happens.