NIX Solutions News: Google Redesigned YouTube App For Android

Do you like the YouTube app interface for Android devices? Most users have no particular complaints, but there were those who were annoyed by the Trend tab. Google heeded the discontent and decided to hide this section, notes Andro-News.

The company redesigned the Android application and removed the Trends section from the main screen.  The Navigator section appeared instead. Inside it you can find themed tabs News, Music, Films and shows, Video games and Trending. Google believes that these innovations will make it easier to find the right content.

In addition, Google has joined the fight against disinformation and content, spreading panic among people in the coronavirus, states NIX Solutions’ team. With this in mind, YouTube video hosting announced restrictions on the monetization of videos in which the coronavirus will be mentioned. This means that the authors of some videos will not be able to earn money on them if they are talking about the pandemic.

But this rule does not apply to authors participating in the program of self-certification of videos and objectively evaluating their content, as well as to verified information sources. Therefore, Google wants only real and reliable information to be made public.