NIXSolutions: Amazon May Abandon Android in Favor of Its Own Vega OS

Amazon is reported in the development phase of its proprietary operating system, internally named Vega, set to replace Android on Fire TVs, smart displays, and other connected devices, as reported by Lowpass.


Vega OS Development Timeline:

A dedicated team has been actively working on the Vega OS since 2017, aiming to create a robust alternative to iOS/Android for all devices and the Internet of Things. An Amazon employee revealed in September that the focus has shifted to refining the software development kit (SDK) and providing additional incentives to encourage developer adoption.

Testing and Market Implications:

The new operating system has undergone testing on Fire TV, with Amazon reportedly informing select partners about the upcoming transition to the new app platform, notes NIXSolutions. Speculations suggest that Fire TVs equipped with Vega OS could make their debut in the market as early as next year. However, it remains uncertain whether Vega OS will extend to Amazon’s Fire tablets, which rely heavily on native Android apps.