NIX Solutions: Android 15 to Block Old Apps Installation

The authors at Android Police have uncovered another noteworthy update within the code of Android 15 Developer Preview 2. Google has once again adjusted the criteria for mobile software developers, now limiting the installation of outdated applications on devices running the new OS.

NIX Solutions

Revised Requirements for App Developers

In this iteration, Android 15 imposes a prohibition on installing applications with SDK versions lower than 24, equivalent to Android 7.0. This new restriction has been rigorously tested and has already been confirmed to be functional. Attempting to install outdated software prompts a warning from Google Play Protect. Consequently, while the installation process for such “canceled” programs may formally complete, they fail to launch, notes NIX Solutions.

Implications for Developers and Users

While most popular apps remain unaffected due to being designed for newer Android versions, apps that haven’t received updates for a prolonged period will need to either update their code base or release a new version. Failure to do so will render these apps inoperable on devices running Android 15.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Overall, the discovery sheds light on Google’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security and performance standards of the Android ecosystem, ensuring a smoother experience for users and developers alike.