NIXSolutions: Android 13 May Get iPhone Sound

The Android 13 operating system may bring to compatible devices a sound feature that is familiar to iPhone and AirPods users – spatial audio. Google has been working on this feature since Android 12L, but the full implementation will not appear until the next version of the operating system.


Spatial audio is a technology that tracks the movement of the head and adjusts the sound accordingly. The created 3D sound reacts to the movements of the listener and provides the maximum sense of presence. Spatial audio playback requires a compatible device and audio file. Some iPhones and AirPods already use spatial audio in supported apps, says TechToday.

The Audio HAL v7.1 software component adds an API to control the variable delay mode of the outgoing stream. Delay mode control is required if the device plans to support head-tracking spatial audio over a Bluetooth A2DP connection. There are two types of latency modes: FREE (i.e. no specific latency commitment) and LOW (relatively low latency compatible with head tracking operations, typically less than 100ms).

NIXSolutions adds that Android 13 is still in its testing phase. As a result, features, APIs, and other settings may change or disappear until we see a public stable build.