NIX Solutions: Android Owners Drive More Carefully

Insurance platform Jerry has summed up the results of a large study covering more than 20,000 drivers who have traveled more than 13 million kilometers in total. Its results were quite revealing: Android smartphone owners of all ages and social categories analyzed drive more carefully than iPhone owners.

NIX Solutions

Android users outperformed iOS users on scores in each of the categories, including comprehensive driving safety, speed compliance, distraction tests, and various maneuvers, says Overlockers. The most significant difference was in the level of distraction: Apple device owners are much more likely to pick them up while driving, even if it violates local laws.

Jerry’s research sparked a lot of controversy on social media and forums, as well as a lot of sarcastic comments, notes NIX Solutions. “Of course we drive better because Android is a freer system for thinking people,” writes one user on the Android subreddit on “And some of them look at us with contempt, thinking that if they bought a more expensive phone, it makes them better people,” replied another.