NIX Solutions: Android Studio Electric Eel Released

Google has announced a new stable release of the official IDE for building Android apps, Android Studio Electric Eel (2022.1.1).

NIX Solutions

In this release, new features cover design, build and dependencies, emulators and devices, and IntelliJ.

Main changes:

  • Compose Preview updates automatically
  • Compose Preview lets you customize display device settings
  • Layout Inspector highlights recompositions
  • Visual Linting for views now runs in the background, checking for likely issues across different form factors
  • A Universal Problems Panel has appeared, collecting all possible problems in one place
  • Improved synchronization performance with parallel project imports
  • Build Analyzer shows impact of downloads on build
  • SDK Index warns about obsolete dependencies
  • Logcat got completely rewritten
  • Launched new App Quality Insights providing crash information directly to Firebase Crashlytics, says AppTractor
  • Desktop emulators launched
  • The emulators themselves can be resized in experimental mode
  • Made miroring of a real device
  • Updated IntelliJ platform

You can learn about all the changes from this video.

NIX Solutions notes that you can download the new version of the IDE from the official website.