NIX Solutions: Apple Expands TV+ to Android

Apple is looking for a Senior Engineer to develop the Android version of the TV+ app, indicating the iPhone maker’s intention to move its streaming service to a competing platform.

Expanding TV+ to a New Platform

A recent job listing posted by Apple states the company is seeking someone to lead the development of “exciting new features” and “help create an app that millions of people will use to watch TV and sports.” Apple officials declined to comment on the matter.

NIX Solutions

This move suggests Apple is aiming to gain a larger share of the streaming market by putting aside its rivalry with Android to attract new users. While Apple rarely develops apps for competing platforms, the introduction of an Android version of TV+ could be a strategic effort to draw in a broader audience, which is likely the company’s main goal.

Strategic Growth in Streaming

The TV+ service, launched in 2019, was positioned as a competitor to platforms like Netflix and Disney+. Apple invests heavily in creating exclusive content, but it is difficult to gauge the success of TV+ as the company has never disclosed the size of its user base or the revenue it generates.

However, expanding to Android could be a significant opportunity for growth, notes NIX Solutions. While Apple dominates the premium smartphone segment, Android has more users worldwide. Approximately 3 billion devices run on this operating system, compared to Apple’s 2.2 billion active devices, most of which are iPhones. Apple’s commitment to bringing the TV+ service to other platforms makes developing an application for Android a logical next step.

We’ll keep you updated as this development unfolds and share more details when available.