NIX Solutions: Android Will Warn Those Who are Buried in a Smartphone on the Go

In the next update of the Digital Wellbeing app for Android, smartphones will start “scolding” users for viewing the screen on the go. The function is called Heads Up, reports Ferra.

The Digital Wellbeing app is required for smartphones running Android 10 or higher. Users found a mention of a new option for it in the fresh beta version. The function will alert the user if it detects that they are looking at the smartphone screen on the go.

The developers warn that the option is not a substitute for banal attentiveness. But it can still help a person who is buried in the phone still look at what is happening around. The option can be disabled so that it does not bother you.

NIX Solutions notes that Google introduced the Digital Wellbeing app for Android in 2018 and has become a must for new Android 10 smartphones from January 2020. Digital Wellbeing is designed to help control digital addiction and the time spent on gadgets.