NIXsolutions: Google Expands Support for Gemini App to Older Android Versions

At the beginning of the year, Google unveiled the Gemini Android application, enabling users to engage with the company’s neural network. Initially exclusive to Android 12, the app’s reach has now expanded to include Android 10 and 11 users.


Expanded Support for Older Android Versions

When Google launched the Gemini app earlier this year, access was restricted to devices running Android 12 or later. Subsequent updates also maintained this requirement. However, with the release of version 1.0.626720042, support now extends to Android 10 and later versions. Users can easily download the app from the Google Play Store, widening its accessibility.

Continued Development and Future Features

Despite the expanded support, Google remains committed to advancing the Gemini application. Recent announcements indicate upcoming features, including real-time online query responses. Although users may experience slight delays in receiving answers, Google assures ongoing improvements to enhance user experience.

Google’s Gemini app has broadened its compatibility to include older Android versions, making it accessible to a wider audience, concludes NIXsolutions. As development continues, users can expect further enhancements and features. Stay updated on the latest developments as we keep you informed about the Gemini app’s evolution.