NIXSolutions: Google Introduces Body Temperature Measurement

Until recently, the Pixel 8 Pro’s temperature sensor was perceived as a mere attention-grabbing gimmick. Google clarified that its use was restricted to measuring object temperatures due to lacking FDA approvals. However, a recent development has been announced by Google, transforming the smartphone’s Thermometer app into a tool capable of measuring an individual’s body temperature.

NIX Solutions

Medical-Grade Innovation:

Google asserts that this feature attains “medical-grade” status, signifying its approval by the FDA. Pixel 8 Pro users can now conveniently scan their foreheads using their smartphones to obtain body temperature readings. These measurements can be stored in the user’s Fitbit profile, offering a more comprehensive understanding of their health and well-being, notes NIXSolutions.

User Adoption Challenges:

Despite the proclaimed medical-grade status, a survey conducted by Android Authority reveals that Pixel 8 Pro users have not embraced this feature enthusiastically. Most respondents admitted to trying it a couple of times before relegating it to oblivion. Android Authority’s earlier tests using an industrial thermometer demonstrated inconsistent and inaccurate readings, prompting skepticism about the feature’s reliability.

In light of the initial skepticism, Android Authority plans to conduct further assessments to verify the accuracy of temperature measurements using the Pixel 8 Pro. The belief is that, if the sensor can consistently and accurately measure body temperature, users may be more inclined to utilize this feature regularly.