NIXsolutions: Google Messages Beta Reveals Potential Message Editing Feature

Researchers at TheSpAndroid have uncovered significant clues within the latest beta release of Google Messages. Among the discoveries are the “edit_ui” and “edit_history” flags, pointing towards a potential upcoming feature—message editing after it’s been sent.


Google Messages: A Comprehensive Messaging Application

Google Messages serves as Google’s official Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging app, offering a wide array of functionalities. From group messaging to sharing various media such as images, animated GIFs, emojis, stickers, videos, and voice messages, the app caters to seamless communication across mobile devices and computers.

Anticipated Feature in Line with Industry Trends

The possibility of editing sent messages in Google Messages aligns with recent developments in competing messaging platforms. Both iMessage and WhatsApp have introduced similar features, with iMessage allowing a two-minute editing window, WhatsApp extending it to 15 minutes, and Telegram offering a substantial 48-hour window. Moreover, all these platforms also allow users to delete messages entirely.

Uncertainty Surrounding Implementation

Despite the promising discovery, details regarding the implementation of this post-editing feature remain uncertain, notes NIXsolutions. A Google spokesperson declined to comment on the development, leaving questions about the feature’s functionality. However, insights gleaned from the “original_rcs_messages_id” code snippet suggest its integration with the RCS messaging protocol.