NIXsolutions: Google to Redesign Volume Control Panel in Android 15

Back in 2021, Google unveiled Material You, its fresh design language, with Material You elements making their debut in Android 12. However, the volume bar design in Android, lingering since version nine, has fallen out of sync with the latest Material Design standards. In the upcoming Android 15 release, Google aims to rectify this discrepancy by introducing a revamped volume control panel.

Revamped Volume Control Panel:

Researcher Mishaal Rahman unearthed the new volume bar design in Android 15 Developer Preview 2. The panel retains its five sliders for adjusting different audio streams: media, call, ringer, notifications, and alarm. Notably, the sliders are now thicker, enhancing usability. A dot at the maximum volume level allows users to easily mute specific audio streams with a single click.

Enhanced User Experience:

Interacting with the media volume slider’s adjacent button collapses or expands the panel. During active media playback, the volume bar is automatically minimized; otherwise, it remains fully expanded.

Streamlined Interface:

The “sound and vibration” heading has been replaced with a persistent media output shortcut, visible irrespective of media playback. Although inactive when media is idle, this shortcut offers users insights into the active audio device.

New Animations and Features:

Google introduces new animations, with the stream title text now moving alongside the slider. Additionally, the current volume level replaces the icon upon slider adjustment. Speculations hint at additional spatial audio controls and a mysterious “noise control,” though not detected during testing, notes NIXsolutions.

What’s Next?

While the updated volume bar design isn’t available by default in the current Android 15 Developer Preview 2 build, there’s anticipation for its inclusion in the next beta version. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

By addressing longstanding design disparities, Google’s initiative promises an enhanced user experience in Android 15. Stay tuned for further updates on this exciting development.