NIX Solutions: Google Contacts Receives an Updated Widget

Google Contacts is a contact management service with tight integration with mail, calendar, cloud storage and other Google web services. Despite the duration of the application work, there are significant drawbacks. In response to user requests, there will be a major update to the widget for Google Contacts.

NIX Solutions

The current widgets are 1×1 icons that cannot be resized. The first icon displays the person’s contact information, the second icon dials the contact with a single tap, and the third opens your text messaging app, says IT-Zine.

It is expected that there will be several new widgets, one of which is called “Favorite Contacts” and allows you to add up to seven contacts in the same widget. This widget’s 4×1 icon will only show the first three contacts by default, but you can change the icon size manually. The second new widget will be called “Individual Contact” and will likely replace the old call widget.

NIX Solutions notes that these widgets do not yet work in the latest version of Google Contacts on the Play Store, which is version at the time of writing, but will likely be shared soon.