NIX Solutions: Google Cut Information Content of Google Play

Google Play users have noticed an unusual change in how the store works. As a rule, the company constantly expands its capabilities, but this time one of the old useful functions that allows you to track the relevance of the software has disappeared from the interface of the site without explanation.

NIX Solutions

In the updated store interface, the date of the last update of all applications is missing. Thus, users can no longer track the history and frequency of releases of updates – this indicator indirectly indicates the quality of software support by its developer. It is curious that Google tested the innovation back in November 2021, but after a series of negative reviews, the interface returned to its previous state, says 4PDA.

You can still track the history of mobile software updates in the browser version of the store. NIX Solutions notes that it is not yet known if a similar change will affect it in the near future. Some Reddit users have even declared their readiness to switch to Apple smartphones, since there are no problems with displaying application versions in the App Store.

Representatives of Google innovation have not yet commented the situation.