NIXsolutions: Microsoft Copilot Update Enhances Smartphone Control

The web version of Microsoft’s virtual assistant, Copilot, has received an interesting innovation in its latest update, which became available to some users this week. This update introduces the ability to control a user’s Android smartphone synchronized with Windows 11. The option is supported when synchronizing a mobile device through the Phone Link application or the Link Devices function.

NIX Solutions

Connecting to a smartphone via Copilot’s Phone Link plugin is not entirely new, but previously available functions were limited to reading text messages. The update significantly enhances this tool’s usefulness. Users can now view contacts, look up phone numbers, send and receive text messages, and set alarms on their smartphones.

How to Use the New Features

According to the source, the new functions work stably. To use them, select the section with plugins in the Copilot drop-down menu and activate Phone Link. After this, you can ask Copilot to show the latest text messages from your smartphone, allowing you to quickly read incoming messages. If you activate this option without syncing your smartphone via Phone Link, an error message will appear, indicating that Copilot cannot access the device, notes NIXsolutions.

For the new features to work, you must grant Copilot certain permissions. Once granted, the virtual assistant becomes more useful, providing contact data, showing the content of SMS, summarizing message texts, writing and sending messages, setting alarms, and more. Copilot can read the latest message and summarize or translate the text into another language. You can also view and adjust your contact list. Additionally, Copilot excels at setting alarms, allowing you to give them different names.

Availability and Future Updates

Currently, these innovations are available to a limited number of users. We anticipate that soon, everyone will be able to test them in action. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments.