NIX Solutions: New Android Features and Updates

Google has introduced seven new features and updates to the Android operating system, enhancing various aspects of the user experience. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.

Enhanced Messaging and Connectivity

One of the most notable changes is in the Messages app, which now allows users to edit their RCS messages within 15 minutes of sending them. Editing messages is simple: long press on the message and select the pencil icon at the top of the screen. This feature has been eagerly awaited since last year when editing links first appeared in the Messages preview code. The update is being distributed to all smartphones running Android 8 or later, the OS version that first supported RCS messages. Similar editing features have already been added to rival messaging services such as WhatsApp and iMessage.


Another significant update involves hotspot connectivity. Users can now connect their Android tablet or Chromebook to their phone’s hotspot with just one tap, eliminating the need for a password. Additionally, users can switch between connected devices during Google Meet calls by tapping the Cast icon. These features will be available on phones and tablets running Android 11 or later starting June 10.

New Features for Smart Home and Digital Car Keys

The Google Home Favorites widget, which allows users to quickly view and control their most frequently used smart home devices, is now available in the public preview of Android. This widget can be added to the home screen on Android phones. Additionally, starting today, smartwatches running Wear OS 3 or later will feature the Google Home Favorites tile. In the US and Germany, a new PayPal option will be available in the Wallet smartwatch app.

Support for digital car keys has expanded to include a range of vehicles, such as some Mini, Mercedes-Benz, and Polestar models. This update is available for Android 12 or later. Support for Mini cars, already available in the EU, began in the US on May 13. Mercedes-Benz support will be available on June 10, and Polestar support will open from June 17 to 21.

Other Notable Updates

Finally, on June 10, Emoji Kitchen will receive new sticker combinations that users can share via Gboard, adds NIX Solutions. This update is sure to delight those who enjoy customizing their digital communications with unique emoji combinations.

These updates reflect Google’s ongoing commitment to enhancing the Android experience. Stay tuned for more updates as they become available.