NIX Solutions: New Anti-Theft Features for Android

Google has announced new anti-theft features for Android phones, aiming to enhance the security of your device. These features include automatic theft detection, remote locking, and locking a gadget that the thief has taken offline. However, it was recently revealed that the latter feature will only work twice a day.

NIX Solutions

Key Features and Limitations

The Theft Detection Lock feature automatically locks your smartphone if it detects movements commonly associated with theft. Remote locking allows you to secure your device using another phone by entering the phone number and answering a quick security challenge. Offline device locking will lock the device if it believes that a thief is trying to disconnect it from the Internet for an extended period.

In Google Play Services APK version 24.26.31, when locked, a pop-up notification appears indicating that the phone is locked after it has been disconnected from Wi-Fi and mobile data for a while. Users will also see a pop-up explaining how the feature works, as well as options to enable or disable it.

Interestingly, this feature automatically locks your device only twice a day, a limitation that Google didn’t mention in its initial announcement. We’ll keep you updated on any further developments regarding this feature.

Beta Access and Future Availability

After announcing these theft prevention features, Google opened beta access to them for users in Brazil, notes NIX Solutions. However, anyone interested in trying it out must fill out a form to gain access. There is no date yet on when Google will make these features available in other parts of the world.