NIXsolutions: OpenAI Prepares to Replace Google Assistant with ChatGPT

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has embarked on a significant endeavor to integrate with Android’s voice assistant API and system UI. This ambitious move, if realized, promises to empower users by enabling the installation of ChatGPT as a versatile assistant accessible across the Android platform.

Expanding Capabilities: Text to Voice and Image Input

Initially designed as a text-based AI, ChatGPT expanded its functionality by incorporating voice and image inputs in a major update introduced in September.


Dynamics of Android’s Assistant System

Unlike Google Assistant, which isn’t exclusive to the Android OS, ChatGPT aims to operate through public APIs, potentially accessible by any compatible program. Presently, Android devices allow only one system-wide assistant, activated through the power button or specific gestures.

Potential Integrations and Persistent Voice Commands

An intriguing prospect emerges if an Android device manufacturer collaborates with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT as a system program. This integration could enable the assistant to respond to persistent voice hotphrases, even when the device screen is inactive.

Exploring ChatGPT’s Recent Developments

The recent release of ChatGPT’s version 1.2023.352 introduced a new activity called “com.openai.voice.assistant.AssistantActivity.” Investigating this previously disabled feature, Android Authority’s Mishal Rahman uncovered a common interface for voice assistants. However, attempts to elicit responses via voice commands proved unsuccessful.

Potential of Third-Party Assistants and Google’s Evolving Strategy

While third-party assistants might lack deep integration with Android and Google’s app ecosystem, they could excel in voice-based functions, potentially outperforming Google’s offerings in certain areas. Meanwhile, Google’s Assistant, relatively unchanged for years, is undergoing updates integrating Bard technology, leveraging advancements in generative AI, notes NIXsolutions.

In tandem with these developments, Google is also working on Pixie, another assistant expected to debut alongside the Pixel 9. This flurry of advancements indicates a dynamic landscape in the realm of voice assistants, with ChatGPT posing a formidable challenge to Google’s dominance.