NIX Solutions: Google Added Purchases Confirmation on the Internet by Voice for Android

Google plans to streamline payments through the Google Assistant by adding support for voice verification, says AndroidInsider. The corresponding innovation has already appeared in some users, but due to the fact that it is still in its final testing stage, not everyone can use it. Now users will be able to pay for purchases on the Internet that a voice assistant found for them, using their own voice without having to scan a fingerprint or enter a password code to confirm the transaction.

Online payment with Google Assistant

Someone will probably think that an error crept into the text, and the voice confirmation was actually supposed to appear on Google Pay. However, it is not. Not everyone knows that Google Assistant has a built-in search and payment for the right products using a bank card tied to your account. Thus, for example, you can buy things on the Internet without having to fill in all contact information manually. The assistant will automatically fill in all the necessary fields, including the delivery address, and pay for the order.

The ability to make purchases using the Google Assistant is not available in all online stores. Therefore, if you suddenly manage to find a marketplace that supports auto-completion of data using Google Assistant, you will see how convenient and important it is, since all information about the order will be carefully encrypted, and you will receive an email with additional information.

The function of confirming purchases by voice is much more promising than it might seem at first glance, notes NIX Solutions. Not only does the voice relate to biometrics along with fingerprints and the face, but it is also most convenient for verifying significant actions. After all, as it turned out, some users are worried that face recognition technology can harm their eyes because of the infrared sensor that shines through their faces. Many do not want to transmit their prints because of conspirancies.

How reliable is the voice? We think it is very reliable. Firstly, you need to consider that modern banks use the voices of their customers to identify them. And, secondly, Google has such an extensive base of voices that it must have learned how to analyze and distinguish them correctly. Not the last role in this process was played by software algorithms and artificial intelligence, with which the search giant also has no problems. Therefore, we would not doubt that voice verification is one of the most reliable ways of confirming your identity.