NIXsolutions: YouTube to Introduce Sleep Timer on Android

Google is planning to add a sleep timer feature to the YouTube mobile app. This is evidenced by lines of code discovered by researchers in the latest version of the Android software solution.

Enhancing User Experience

Many users enjoy falling asleep while listening to videos, but until now, the application did not have the ability to automatically stop playback in timer mode. This caused videos to continue running, wasting data and battery power on the device. However, it looks like everything will change soon, as reported by GSMArena.


According to the lines of code found in the program, the new function will allow users to set a sleep timer. If the user does not fall asleep before the timer expires, they will have the option to either reset it or continue watching the video. The remaining time will be displayed as a notification.

Feature Comparison and Availability

It’s worth noting that the sleep timer is already available in the YouTube Music app, as well as other music and podcast streaming programs. Since YouTube is the most popular video hosting site in the world, the addition of this feature will obviously be a welcome innovation for millions of users.

In contrast, the lack of a sleep timer is not a problem in iOS, where users can set a system-wide timer that will end any playback at a set time. Unfortunately, there is no such option in Android, making this upcoming YouTube feature even more significant.

It is currently unknown when exactly the timer will be available in the YouTube app for Android, notes NIXsolutions. Google representatives have not yet given official comments on this matter. However, given that the corresponding code has already been discovered in the application, we can expect the feature to be implemented soon. We’ll keep you updated on any developments regarding this new feature.